Well done to all those who entered the spelling bee. The finalists are:

SE: Poppy Jones, Jennifer Worsh, Aidan O’Sullivan, Quinn Fearby and Mia Whiteman

GV: Anna Chapman, Ethan Beard, Ruby Jackson, Ruby Mae Young and Meggie Moses

WE: Sid England, Izzy Geddes, Ben Kirby, Max Cockayne and Francis Chen

WH: Ted Fairhurst, Teniel Sullivan, Anna Dimmock, Howie Farrell and Poppy Hilton

Come along to the FINAL on Thursday 28th June at 6pm in the Main Hall.



The 9D Music Class wowed Mr Samra and a visiting Head Teacher with their brilliant performance of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. It was so good that it got Mr Samra singing! Well done 9D, I was very proud of you all today. Mrs Thompson

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