Today the German Exchange and Southam partners visited the prestigious Christ Church College  in Oxford, learning about the history of higher education, Alice in Wonderland and the inspiration for Harry Potter’s great hall. Students of both schools  were an absolute asset and the teachers enjoyed some traditional pies for lunch. Guten Appetit! All in all another fantastic day.

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Equestrian News

Snoopy and I competed at the Dressage UK Summer Championships this weekend only to come 1st in our class! He was amazing to compete and felt really nice throughout our test! He’s had a very busy past few weeks having coming 2nd 3rd in a Novice test at Dallas Burston which meant qualifiers for blue chip next year! He’s been on top form lately and all I have seen is improvements from him and us as a team

Joanna W, Year 11

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German Exchange

Today ticked all the boxes: Courtesy  of Mrs James, the food technology team and the support of the fabulous Y12 students the German Exchange had its very own Southam bake off and learned to make scones. Students certainly made gains in team work, character and culture, intercultural learning and translation and enjoyed the “fruit of their hard work” at a lovely tea party in ML1 with cream tea, scones and jams. Refreshed and ready to embrace more culture the German students spent the afternoon with the Mayor learning about the history of Southam. Keep calm and keep on baking!
Many thanks and have a nice weekend!

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Philosophy and Ethics – October half term revision packs

The Philosophy and Ethics department have launched their October half term revision packs on ‘Everything you need to know about Christianity and Islam’

See your Philosophy and Ethics teacher for a pack.

In your pack you will find key beliefs and practices for each religion, revision activities and key words lists for both religions.

Both packs will support your revision for the November PPE.

October half term revision by numbers Christianity and Islam

OCT Islam2 everything you need to know

OCT Everything you need to know about Christianity

Islam beliefs and practices KEY WORDS

Christian beliefs and practices KEY WORDS

German Exchange visit to Birmingham

The German Exchange students and their Southam counterparts spent a fabulous day in Birmingham, visiting Birmingham City football stadium and learning all about the history from our highly motivated guide. The weather also played ball (pun intended) and made the following visit to the city centre and bull ring very enjoyable. Students of both schools were an absolute joy to be around and certainly furthered their intercultural understanding.

Bis morgen beim Backen!

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