Year 10 Rounders

Year 10 stump Kenilworth!
In their final match ever for Southam College the year 10 Rounders team headed to Kenilworth. We started batting and with some excellent fielding from Kenilworth, only managed to score 2 Rounders. As we began fielding we worked effectively as a team to stop the full rounder, but strong batting from Kenilworth meant they scored a lot of half Rounders, leaving the first innings 2 – 4 1/2 to Kenilworth.
The second innings was more positive for us batting with some big hits and risks from the team, leaving us with 4 1/2 (6 1/2 total). Our fielding was gaining in strength and we got 4 opposition out and kept them to a score of only 4 Rounders (8 1/2 total).
As we started the third and final innings the team felt confident and were excited as they began their batting strong. Excellent hits from K.Black and P.Lummis gave Southam some full Rounders, whilst the rest of the team pressured well to score plenty of half Rounders. Southam finished their batting with a total score of 14 Rounders!
Into our last fielding stint, we showed some outstanding skill. Amazing catches from O.Constable, C.Placinta, A.Lovett, C.Wain and K.Black and consistent and fast bowling from A.Lovett meant that the opposition were slowly depleting. A.Lyle kept her cool and stopped several fast and far Kenilworth hits whilst B.Crump covered the left side of the field brilliantly. With only 2 batters left and 6 balls remaining the team managed to stump Kenilworth and finish the game side out before all the balls had been played.
Final score:
Southam: 14
Kenilworth: 10
Overall, a fantastic match with positive energy. The team and all of the girls that have taken part in Rounders fixtures this season should be extremely proud of themselves.
Having coached the team since year 7, I am not only proud but thrilled to have been able to see the team and individuals develop in skill and confidence over the past 4 years. Thank you to all of you, you are all amazing!
Miss MacLachlan

Year 10 Rounders

Year 10 have their penultimate Rounders match at Southam!
The team last night played Campion in what would be the girls second to last Rounders match at Southam College. Southam batted first and struggled initially to score full Rounders as Campion fielded strong. However, after we built up our half Rounders, we began to take risks and eventually full Rounders were scored! Going into the fielding part of the first innings, Southam had scored 7 Rounders.
Campion started confident and scored lots of half Rounders, excellent fielding from A.Lyle and I.Fairhurst meant that big hits weren’t able to score easily. A.Zamfir fielded well whilst K.Black worked well with O.Constable to stump people at 2nd and there was some fantastic bowling from C.Placinta. Campion scored 6 1/2 leaving the second innings extremely close.
Southam started their second batting really well with A.Lyle, E.Cumberbatch and K.Black all hitting big, leaving our final score at 15 Rounders.
As we went to field N.Purnell and E.Cumberbatch worked well as back stop and first base to get out 2 Campion players. E.Sancee had a great catch out and A.Lovett bowled extremely well following on from the first innings.
Overall, Campion scores 12 leaving Southam taking the lead by 3 Rounders.
A great match overall. Thank you to the whole team for their efforts. Looking forward to the last match this evening against Kenilworth.
Miss MacLachlan
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Uniform Donation

Every year an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK.

Southam College are asking for your outgrown or used blazers, skirts or trousers so that we can ensure they are re-used and sell them at our pop-up uniform shop.

Please ensure donations are clean, and place them in the bins outside the library.
Thank you!
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