Sensational Sevens!

Southam 30 Woodlands 15

Year 7 produced their best performance of the season which was made even more remarkable by the terrible conditions. Against athletic opponents, it was Southam’s superior rucking in the forwards and handling in the backs that kept a flow and structure to the play with forwards and backs linking superbly.

Josh Lee was Man of the Match for his numerous barnstorming runs; time after time he made powerful drives into the heart of the oppositions defence. He was well supported by fellow forwards Adam Mullens, Joe Cummings, Kaiser Ndlovu, Josh Rogers, Giaan Ray and Dan Ramsden. Josh Poulton deserves special mention for his tireless supportive play.

The backs were in fine form with Tom Hill and James Phillips a delight to watch. Both boys are skilful and intelligent. They combined beautifully to release the pace of Charlie Knight, Ben Robinson, Max and Joe Washbrooke. Southam’s tackling was good, especially as fast moving opponents had to be stopped, as the boys were a little slow to close the opposition down (more work on READY, READY, UP is needed). Tom Hill made several textbooks tackle, Kieran Caruana made a fine tackle on the opposition’s line, but it was Ben ‘Weaver’ Robinson who was given Tackle of the Match for his excellent reliable tackling against much larger opponents.

Six tries were scored by six different players. Congratulations to James Phillips, Charlie Knights, Tom Hil,l Ben Robinson, Josh Lee and Josh Poulton.

The weather-hardened supporters appreciated the quality of rugby being played. I am delighted that we have now established a fine squad, with boys with the right character, who are building a real team spirit.

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