Year 7 Netball

In the freezing cold weather two Year 7 netball teams put up a huge team effort to play Princethorpe School. In the first match Princethorpe started strong with the attack moving swiftly down the court, however with the effort and dedication of the centre court players; Sarah Costa, Bo Crump and Charley Furey the ball started to go towards Southam’s attack! Ellie Cumberbatch had a brilliant game as goal attack and showed Princethorpe how to shoot in professional style! Although Princethorpe won 12-5, an impressive match from both teams and a brilliant effort from Southam to bring the score back in the last quarter.

The second game started off strong with Southam winning the first half 3-0, amazing shooting from Ava Chapman! This game was a big fight to the end with Erin Jones showing her strength and commitment to every pass and interception! The team worked well and was able to pressure Princethorpe on every pass. Katy Black, Jess Woods and Phoebe Town challenged Princethorpe’s attack, slowing down any shooting opportunities. Unfortunately a 6-3 win to Princethorpe but overall a brilliant first match for the Southam team.

Miss MacLachlan and Miss Leng

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