Year 7 Netball

The team made a positive start to their match, passing the ball effectively up the court and intercepting the King’s High passes proving a tough match for the opposition. At the end of the first 10 minutes Kings High led 1-0 thanks to the strong defence of Olivia Constable, Rose Hill with support from Erin Jones and Sarah Costa. Charley Furey provided further support in WA and fed accurate and strong passes into Ellie Cumberbatch and Charlotte Wain. After the second quarter Kings High led 4-1 and the focus for Southam was to maintain their strong passes and meet the ball to ensure the opposition couldn’t intercept passes easily. Katy Black and Bo Crump came on to provide excellent support in both defence and in the centre court. The team worked hard to maintain possession and although the final score ended 12-1 to Kings High the team worked well for each other and were able to take some positives from the game.

Well played!
Miss MacLachlan


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