Year 7 Football

Yesterday the year 7 and 8 girls football league winners went to their first School Games competition to represent Central Warwickshire. The team consisting of Sarah Costa (C), Kacie Morby (VC), Syd Jenkins, Niamh Purnell, Ellie Cumberbatch, Poppy Lummis, Emily Lovett, Ana Lovett and Georgia Eversden had no idea of the standard of play to expect but went in positive and ready for some football!

Our pool was a mixed bunch and in the first game after a super goal from Sarah Costa the final score ended 1-1. Heading into the next pool match the team knew they needed a win if there was a chance for a semi-final play off. The girls fought hard and played some excellent football, attacking the ball and going in for every tackle. Poppy Lummis showed huge strength in the goal and saved every shot taken at her! The team worked hard together and ended up with a 1-0 win. The final pool match was the toughest yet against Stratford, the team looked strong and had some very skilled players. However, Southam came out fighting and when a penalty was given to us Sarah Costa got another goal for us! A final score of 1-0 which meant the team won their pool!

The semi-final match was nail biting and tense with both teams fighting and attacking passes, tackles and shots. There were some amazing saves from both keepers and the pressure was mounting! After full time the game went into extra time…1 and a half minutes each way. Still both teams played brilliantly and the final score ended 0-0. This meant penalties. Sarah Costa, Kacie Morby and Niamh Purnell chosen to take one each. Unfortunately the opposition took charge and managed to sneak the win from us!

The team had one final game – 3rd and 4th play off. A game against Stratford who we had previously beat. However the team were nervous as this team were a skilled one. Both teams again came out strong and wanted to win! Southam blocked excellent shots with Ana Lovett clearing fantastic balls, Kacie Morby going in hard on every player and Syd Jenkins carrying the ball through defence towards our attack. Stratford managed a goal but Southam answered back with one and the team went wild! However, we had to compose ourselves for the last few minutes. The girls did amazing and took Stratford to extra time, this eventually led to penalties and the team were once again nervous as ever! After nearly everyone in the team taking a penalty the penalties went to sudden death. Stratford got one and meant they snatched 3rd place!

A well deserved 4th place for Southam out of 8 teams with some tough competition! The whole team should be proud of how they played and conducted themselves throughout the tournament. Excellent effort.

Miss MacLachlan

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