English Schools Cup

The athletics team took the Rugby track for the first round of the English Schools Cup, the competition is entirely based on points. Each performance is compared to a points table, the better the performance the higher the points. The points get added together to make a total for their age group.

Unfortunately, due to some injuries to key performers none of the Southam College teams managed to progress through to the second round, however we had some excellent performances throughout the day.

Stand out performances for the girls came from Georgia Clarke in the intermediate girls 300m with a time of 43.4secs scoring her a fantastic 25points for that event. For the Boys, Rhys James in the 1500m with a time of 4m.34.9s to score him 19points. A full set of results is available at http://www.esaa.net/

A huge thank you to those athletes who came along to the event to help step in for those injured athletes.

Well done.

Miss Warman, Mr MacGibbon and Mr Southall

Overall top scorers:
Rhys James 32pts (19pts – 1500m and 13pts – pole vault)
Lewis Timms 34pts (18pts – 200m and 16pts – relay)
Sam Enston 32pts (16pts – 100m and 16pts – relay)
Maria Timms 33pts (18pts – 200m and 15pts – long jump)
Alice Parsons 28pts (18pts – 1500m and 10pts – shot)
Emily Harrison 30pts (17pts – 800m and 13pts – shot)
Georgia Clarke 43pts (25pts – 300m and 18pts – relay)
Aoife Williams 31pts (19pts -800m and 12pts – long jump)
Georgie Hurt 29pts (17pts – 800m and 12pts – long jump)


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