Year 7 Cricket

Tonight Year 7 played Kenilworth in the opening game of the season. J Cummings got most runs for Southam in a tightly contested game. We’ve had several game called off already this season so we were keen to keep it on in spite of the cold showery forecast.

Captain Parsons lost the toss and Ken elected to bowl. Cummings and Caruana opened and slowly batted themselves in. Farrall came in 3rd after Caruana was run out and quickly started swinging and scoring 4s alongside Joe Cummings. Southam did miss the opportunity to keep the score ticking over with singles and 2s. This would ultimately cost us even though Joe and Howie scored three 4’s each on their way to their totals. Kenilworth did concede a significant number of extras from wides and no balls making nearly half of our total. Hind, Parsons and Hill did get a bat towards the very end of the innings and continued to build to the 70 run total.

Kenilworth batted and looked to have a very useful opening order. However, it was encouraging to see the team moral and strategy of Parsons to give everyone at least one over to have a good look at his squad. Our bowling stats were better than Kenilworth’s. Less extras given; more wickets taken; a maiden and a wicket maiden. Impressive bowling from Hill, Farehurst and Cummings with Charington in particular who took three wickets. However, their opening batsman (who retired not out on 30) did severe damage in the 1st 10 overs. We had a late flourish of quality when we limited their total to 6 runs of the last 4 overs which was superb. But sadly they crawled over the line reaching 71 with just 4 balls left.
A good game in difficult conditions, well done boys. See you at training Wednesday lunch and Thursday after school.

Mr Franzoni (standing in for Mr Southall)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 19.50.44.png

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