Enrichment Day 2 – Tuesday 19th July 2016

Today we held our second Enrichment Day of the year. Students have shown real enthusiasm for the challenges set them over a range of subjects.

Year 7 students have spent the day experiencing different cultures and languages in MFL, with some excellent Salsa moves seen! They have also been considering the trials and tribulations faced when stranded on a desert island, very fitting given today’s weather.

Year 8 students have been taking part in a thoroughly interesting and engaging workshop on Hinduism and finding out what makes a hero in Drama. Other students are taking part in the “Your First Enterprise” Challenge with local business men and woman supporting their businesses.

Year 9 students have been tessellating and enlarging shapes, learning to make curves from straight lines and creating origami 3D shapes. Students have really shown their artistic side today.

Year 10 students have taken part in Para Olympics in PE, with activities from wheel chair basketball to first aid. In science students have been doing a range of experiments and have visited the Southam College Eco-club Nature Reserve to investigate the habitat.

Year 12 have been working on their next steps, preparing for life after school, with UCAS statements being prepared, ready for Year 13.


Thank you to all of the staff, students and external visitors for making this such an enjoyable and engaging day!

One thought on “Enrichment Day 2 – Tuesday 19th July 2016”

  1. This enrichment day was great, I did the English and modern language. The food in modern languages was great, thank you.


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