Welcome Back


Dear Year 8,

Welcome back to Southam College. We hope you have had a fantastic Summer Holiday. I very much enjoyed getting to know many of you during the summer term and am looking forward to working with you, as your Head of Year, in Year 8. We have an exciting year ahead, I am sure you are looking forward to getting back to school, seeing friends, meeting some new and existing teachers. When you arrive at school on Monday you will go straight to your tutor room as normal, tutor rooms are below as some will be different from Year 7.

8GV3 – Miss Clough (E1)
8GV4 – Mrs Mangat (M7)
8SE3 – Mr Ottaway (SC1)
8SE4 – Mr Spiller (T6)
8WGA – Mrs Spademan (E6)
8WGB – Miss Liney (E5)
8WGC – Miss MacLachlan (G3)
8WE3 – Mrs Johal (IT3)
8WE4 – Mr Pittom (M1)
8WH3 – Mr Southall (H3)
8WH4 – Miss Shaw (M5)
See you on Monday,
Mrs Poole and the Year 8 Tutor Team

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