Year 8 Sports News

A great start but harder trials to come!

The year 8 Rugby team has started well this season. A comfortable win against a spirited and tackling year 8 Ashlawn saw a 35 – 0 win. 

The intent for a physical battle was shown at the start in warm up when Adam Mullen and Howie Farrell smashed each other in the head ( heads up next time lads!)

The game was slow to start though with the forwards a little hesitant. Then Josh Rogers and Patrick Fitzgerald got stuck in and all followed. Max Washbrook and Kieran Kauruana both linked with their backs well at scrum half.

A great pick off his toes saw the opener by Charlie Knight. Josh Rogers followed with a push over maul. The Ball against the head saw Jo washbrook go over. This was after going over previously only to be denied by  a close dead ball line.

Winning the rucks to set up a ‘Wasps like’ backs line. Hill and Phillips looking the part of Ciprianni and Gopporth  It was great to see that the ball was used effectively, not passing the ball for the sake of it but keeping out of contact and shipping the ball wide when possible. A Harry Robins break saw Charlie go over again in the second half. Alongside Jo Washbrooke’s pace and passing – they seem a force to reckoned with. Jamie Phillips can also muscle it and weaved through from a maul for a great solo try. The last try  was a scintillating move linking forwards and backs before  worked on move seeing Charlie Knight over in the corner. Weaver Robinson also needs commending for try saving tackles. Charlie Knight scored a hat trick and was unlucky not to get man of the match. That award goes to Josh Rogers who smashed rucks all day. More of the same please!

Newbold Tournament in brief.

The tournament was ultimately a mix between Rugby schools Ashlawn, Bilton, Harris V Southam.

The attitude was great by the Southam Boys who gave players to all the teams. We won on a small pich 15 -0,  15 -0 and 10 – 0. Josh Poulton got player of the tournament . A great effort by Josh Lee was also noted. Adam Mullen scored a lovely try. The backs again when they get good ball look very impressive.


Summary for all games : ring rusty – yes. Committed yes. Great linking running onto the ball and passing. Unselfish play and teamwork superb. Rucks improving!

Areas to work on – first time tackles – decision making and body position in contact. Take contact on your terms to prevent turn over ball.

P.s. remember boys it is a contact game but the number one rule is avoidcontact going forward.

Campion on Saturday

Mr Elkerton

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