Football Report

Southam V Myton Cup Match

Wednesday 19th October 2016

Myton 1  Southam 11

Following on from our success of last year as the reigning Cup winners we opened this year’s cup run against last year’s runners up Myton. This was always going to be a tough match as both sides hadn’t met since the final last year and we knew Myton would come back at us strong.

With new players in both teams the match was tightly fought for the first 15 minutes as play moved from one end to the other. We settled down in to our game and sorted our formation out and began to play the ball, increasing pressure all the time. With Kacie Morby in defence the ball was moved forward to Ellie Cumberbatch in midfield who ran the ball on to Abbie Bourton on the wing who crossed an amazing ball to Maria Timms who flew the ball in to the back of the net.  With the score 1-0 our nerves calmed and we went into half time looking the stronger team. The Myton goalkeeper had kept them in the first half as she made several amazing saves.

After the break and some tactical changes to our formation we made a positive start and 6 minutes in after hitting the post Timms fired the ball home. Almost instantly winning a corner Timms again took control and from the corner flag crossed an awesome ball through which hit the top right corner of the goal. We now picked the pace up as Mytons heads began to drop. The whole team worked together, the defence of Lana Wilson-Shrubbs, Georgia Eversden, Emily Lovett and Ana Lovett commanded the back line protecting our goal on all but one occasion when Myton took their chance at goal but Poppy Lummis made a fantastic save.

Within minutes the ball was back down the Myton half, Timms shot was saved by the impressive Myton goalkeeper but Cumberbatch followed it in to score Southams 4th.  Within seconds Olivia Constable wins a corner which Sarah Costa sends in and is met by Timms who scores her 4th. Two minutes later Timms knocks home another after some impressive dribbling from Niamh Purnell. Morby further intercepts Mytons play and passes the ball to Bourton who scores on her debut to push Southam head by 7- 0. Confidence was sky high now until concentration slips and Myton took advantage with a home goal.

Play continues with Southam staying strong and it is not long until Timms taps home another. The ball is returned to the centre circle and with two timely passes from Morby and Purnell Sarah Costa adds her name to the score sheet just one minute later.

Timms and Purnell add another 2 goals to the score sheet and it’s a job well done for Southam as we progress to the next round.

Kacie Morby, Team Captain

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