Football report – Year 8 League night, Week 1

On Tuesday evening, the year 8 girls’ football team played three league matches at Myton School.

In the first match (versus Myton), Southam College played a hard, yet well-fought match. We started the first half off, with dominant possession and accurate, controlled passing between Lana Wilson -the left defender- and Ellie Cumberbatch-the striker. The opposition attack was strong, but our other defenders (Emily Lovett and Georgia Eversden) controlled the ball well under high pressure: they neatly passed the ball through to Niamh Purnell who had a shot which, unfortunately, landed in the goalie’s arms. The opposition continued to press hard, but Olivia Constable, went straight in for the tackles and gave them some problems. Myton’s first shot was deflected off Southam’s goalie (Poppy) but the ball subsequently crossed the line. Southam didn’t give in and hammered some balls at their goalie which narrowly missed. Myton scored two more goals in the second half, but our strong team persevered right till the final whistle. The result- 3 – 0 to Myton.

The second match was an exciting one against Aylesford, with Southam having a decisive victory. After winning the toss, we went on with superior possession. Our first goal showed amazing team work and passing all the way from our defence (Ana Lovett) through to Ellie and Niamh, who accurately passed it onto Sarah, enabling her to score the first goal. Aylesford were quick to retaliate and unfortunately, managed to get a well-deserved goal, making the score 1 all… In the second half, we knew we could beat this team and went out with our heads held high…Ellie took a text book corner kick, right over to Sarah, who could then give us the lead with another goal. At the final whistle, the score was Southam 2 Aylesford 1.

Our last match of the evening was against Campion. In previous years, we have beaten this team and with our success in the previous match still fresh in our minds, we strode out… all girls pushed up the pitch together, which meant that the opposition were unable to get the ball from us. Niamh finished this off perfectly with a goal in the top corner! Score 1-0 to Southam.

Fantastic evening girls- well played to all and thanks to Miss Maclachlan for taking us.

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