Year 8 Girls’ Football Report

Written by S. Costa (Team Captain)

On Tuesday, we played our final evening of league matches: our first was against Myton A. It was a very close game and Southam had the lead at half time thanks to a great run from Ellie Cumberbatch who then passed under pressure to Sarah Costa, who was able to whack the ball low and hard in the bottom corner. Unfortunately, in the second half, the opposition scored two against us in frustrating circumstances, and despite brave tackles from Niamh Purnell, the score finished with us losing 2-1.

In our second match against Myton team B, we were victorious with a finishing score of 3-0. The goals were scored by Ellie, Poppy Lummis and Sarah Costa – well done. However, we kept a clean sheet because of our defence running quickly to intercept and tackle, so also well done to: Ana Lovett, Emily Lovett, and Lana Wilson-Shrub; Georgia Eversden in particular, fought bravely against a very strong opponent. Olivia Constable demonstrated great flexibility of skill, taking a turn in goal.

We have had fantastic team spirit this year which has developed through good attendance at training as well as at matches, and has been consolidated by the fantastic coaching of Miss Maclachlan and Mr Ginger.

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