Year 8 Rugby

Southam V Kenilworth.


Southam came into the game strong and made good tackles and good attack to get past the defenders. But Kenilworth were a good strong side and they were able to hold us back from scoring on a numerous amount of times. When Kenilworth got the ball they gave it to the bigger players and that made us lose our shape, then Kenilworth gave it to the fastest player on the pitch to try and score but Southam tracked back to make the tackle. Just before half-time when we where all tired from how hard we have worked previously, Kenilworth crashed over the line, that didn’t let Southam lose their hope even though half-time was looming, Southam got into Kenilworth’s half and the Forwards crashing it hard straight through the middle causing a penalty which Thomas Hill put right in the corner with a good move called by Max Washbrooke put the Southam forwards over the line.

 Half time came and we all regrouped and came back strong, with our forwards hitting hard through the defence to get a penalty. Tom Hill kicked it into their own corner, its now  are own line out,  Max Washbrooke gave the ball to the forwards to drive over the line. 10-10 the heat rose, bigger hits and some niggles, but that didn’t stop Kenilworth’s pacey winger to go in to the corner to make the score 10-15. 5 mins left and we where in there own half 10 metres out Joe Cummings got the ball and kicked the ball through re gained it, and just as we where going to walk back he dropped the ball  how unlucky was that.  The whistle blew for the end of the match.  Kenilworth won but a very enjoyable yet exciting moment of rugby.

 Man of the match: Joe Cummings       WELL DONE 

Written by – Tom Hill

Well done lads. Your character and improvement is superb. On top of a close fought game V Sherriff previously we will get our rewards if we stick at it. A few key players can be brought in for that cutting edge. I am so proud of the strides you have made playing at the ‘ top table’ . Well done boys. Mr Elkerton

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