Year 8 Emerging Schools Tournament

On Wednesday 30th November we played the first tournament of the season. Our team was Jess Woods and Siobhan Browne in defence, Charlie Shepherd, Erin Powell, Ana Lovett, Holly Driscoll and Amy Dekany in the centre court and Morgan Usher and Shona Thorburn in attack. The first match of the night was against North Leamington school, it was a great match with the overall score 1-1. Our second match was against Kenilworth although they won 4-0 the play by our team was good. The third match was against Trinity and we won 4-0, everyone played really well! After that we played Kingsley and won 1-0, finally we played Myton, unfortunately we lost 1-0 but we played really well as a team!

Written by Erin Powell

On Wednesday 30th November we played our first tournament of the season, our first match was against Kenilworth B the shooters were Alex Lyle and Charlotte Wain – both scoring 2 goals each although Kenilworth came back into the game to score 1, final score 4-1.

The next match was against North Leamington A it started great by getting the ball down court with Erin Jones at centre, Sarah Costa at wing defence and Bo Crump at wing attack. Ellie Cumberbatch came on to play goal attack and the final score was 4-0. Strong defence by Olivia Constable, Rose Hill and Katy Black kept our goals against to a minimal.

Our next match against Campion showed great defence again by Olivia and Katy in the circle and Sarah on the wing with a final score of 7-1 to Southam. For our next match we played Myton, Issie Fairhurst and Charley Furey played well in the centre court, with us ending up winning 4-0. Aylesford were our penultimate group match and with another strong team performance we won 4-0. Our last group match was against Kingsley where tough competition made the team work really hard together and we played amazing, a final score of 2-2. This meant we had made it to the semi-final!

The semi-final against Kenilworth A showed how amazing we can all play as a team, we ended up winning 4-2 and that meant a match in the final against Kingsley (again)! We were ready to win! Kingsley came out strong and managed to win 5-2 although we played really well. Well done girls, hopefully we can win next year!

Written by Olivia Constable

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