Table Tennis

Southam College travelled to Aylesford School, with a KS3 and KS4 team, in a Level 2 knockout match with the winner to progress through to represent Central Warwickshire at the County Games.

The older team consisting of Ben Hall, Dom Priest, Seb Priest, Alex Costa and Jack King all won games that saw them victorious. Although Aylesford’s number one seed remained unbeaten Southam had the stronger team which was shown as they all rallied through the lower order.

However the younger team had a tougher time competing against an experienced Aylesford squad. Sarah Costa managed to get the only wins for the side but despite some close games Evan Gillingham, Ethan Male and Joe Cummings couldn’t quite win 2 sets to secure the match.

Owen De Souza and Dan Voice also competed against an Aylesford select managing to achieve a couple of wins.

The KS4 team will now go forward to the County Games at the beginning of February.

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