Year 8 Rugby

Southam A 0 King Henry VIII A 15

Phillips Fantastic and Cramp Courageous in hard fought game.

On a freezing day a fantastic team effort saw the best defensive effort display against a  huge Henry’s pack. Southam out rucked their illustrious opponents on many occasions and stole the ball a few times as well, but possession was limited as only 2 scrums were won by Southam, ( largely down to a man mountain second row). With that amount of ball Henry’s should have done better. They went in 10 – 0 up at half time and there was a fear that the flood gates would open. The door however was firmly shut as the lads competed frantically for the ball. James Phillips and Lennon Cramp ran and tackled their heart out in the backs. Joe and Max Washbrook also deserve a mention for their graft and bravery.  Nobody backed down no matter how big or small they were but this did leave gaps. Henry’s scored by sucking players in to the ruck and putting the ball out wide. Never -the -less once Southam did have the ball Henry’s looked more frail. A try would have been deserved, but a proud display.


Southam 8 B 30 Henry VIII B 20

King Kaizer cruises home with style

A delightful shown from the whole squad enabled us to get two matches played. A great bunch of lads ably  led by Howie Farrell took it to Henry’s. It was the hard to stop Kaizer Ndluvo  that deserves credit as he weaved and powered his way over the line on several occasions. Kieran Caruana deserves credit for his link play as well. It was a strong pack performance from the likes of Farrell, Fitzgerland, Ramsden to name a few. Strength in depth for the forwards shows us that this whole  squad can go from strength to strength if they stay dedicated next year.


Southam yr 8 40 Fairfax, Sutton Coldfield 0

Mullen mucks in as Robins rules the rucks.

Good weather and a fine performance from a set of boys out to finish the Saturday fixtures with style. Fairfax were down a couple of players but travelled and fought hard with a solid looking pack. The Southam lads gave a few players each half showing great sportsmanship. All boys fought hard for Fairfax. Fairfax’s game plan was pick and go around the fringes and early doors it looked like that would work. Pleasingly from a coached point of view the boys put into action many things worked on in training. The guard and body guard work stopped the opposition. The Josh double act ( Rodgers and Lee) fought well in the front row to disrupt the opposition ball. The ball was stolen and put wide to an elusive Charlie Knight who ran from his own half to score. Soaking up pressure and turning the ball over was the name of the game  as Charlie scored more  as did Josh Lee. Lennon Cramp also impressed with speed of finishing. Two classy finishing wingers scored 6 tries between them! You would have thought that that should have secured a man of the match for both boys, but it was the mixing up of play that was  so impressive in the second half against the Hill. Pick and goes from an inspired Joe Cummings deserves a big mention. But again close to man of the match but just piped and Harry Robins and Adam Mullen. They  tackled down everything that decided to come around the corner and worked hard to keep up with play. Adam’s pick and go and hitting behind the ruck deserves a great mention. Presentation of the ball was exceptional by all and Harry Robins shows the premiership boys that big lads can hit low. This enabled the backs to get the ball out wide. Kaizer as our versatile player powered into the opposition.

Earn the right to go wide lads should be the positive lesson from the day. I am very proud to have coached such a fine set of lads this year. You will need the desire to improve more and keep together next year and you will get the rewards.

Well played boys! Mr Elkerton

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