Year 8 House Quiz results

1st – Team Zebras- Godiva- Charlie P, George G
2nd- Joint-  Wonderful Webb Ellis- Webb Ellis- Grace D, Megan H, Emily May T, Abigail W, Rissa. Also Godiva- team ‘Anything’ Sinead and Poppy.
3rd- Team Godiva- Charie, Will, Phillipe, Jake
4th- Joint- Godiva- Team Katie, Emily, Phoebe, Lucy. Also Morgan, Charlie, Jennie, Ellie, Emily and Niamh. 

A brilliant turn out for the year 8 House Quiz. There were several teams for each House showing their dedication and support. The HAPS are now very close- every student who participates  really does matter and will have an impact! Godiva were fully prepared for todays Quiz and dominated the results for year 8!

We look forward to our final House Quiz with year 7 at lunchtime tomorrow in the Gym.

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