Year 8 Netball League Night

On the 7th of March, the Green Team played their first netball League Night. Despite the cold, we played great games against our opponents, coming out with an overall 3 for 3 win. The positions were: GK-Rose Hill, GD-Olivia Constable, WD-Sarah Costa and Charley Furey, C-Erin Jones and Issie Fairhurst, GA-Alex Lyle and Ellie Cumberbatch, WA-Bo Crump, and GS-Charlotte Wain. We were short on defence for this league night as Katy Black was off ill. However, we still played strong and came together as a team.

Our first match of the evening was against Campion School. This was our first match of the year as a team and we played really well, winning 8-4. Great defence and attack was seen throughout the match, which lead us to a great final score at the last blow of the whistle.

Our second match was against North Leamington School. This match saw amazing shooting by Alex Lyle, Charlotte Wain and Ellie Cumberbatch, securing a 15-0 win! Well Done Southam! Yet again, defence was also very good from Olivia Constable, Charley Furey, Sarah Costa and Rose Hill. Centre court was always dominant of the ball, with great dodging and passing between Erin Jones, Bo Crump and Issie Fairhurst. Our team was supportive throughout always cheering everyone on, even when we weren’t playing.

Our final match of the evening saw us play Kings High. Going into this match, we knew we were up against strong players so put our best effort in to make it a clean sweep. As the starting whistle blew, we ran out and played our best. We had a strong lead, about 3 up until Kings High scored their first goal. Their strong defence was intimidating, but we didn’t let that stop us. As the final whistle blew, we had won our last match 5-1!

The league night was a great experience for our team to play together against other competitive schools. We look forward to playing again in a couple of weeks for our second league night. Thank you for Miss Maclachlan for taking us and the continuous support you give our netball team.

I just want to say a big Well Done to my team for such an amazing outcome from our first league night, it was a great team effort with 3 dominant wins. Can’t wait to do it again!

Written by Alex Lyle, Green Team Netball Captain.


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