Year 8/9 Girls Cup Semi Final Football Match

Yesterday afternoon the U14 girls football cup team were preparing for their semi-final match against Bilton. The sun had come out and the team were showing good enthusiasm in their warm up. When Bilton arrived the team were nervous, Bilton looked bigger and stronger…however as we set up for the start Southam looked confident. The whistle went and Southam were straight in attacking Bilton, pressuring the ball and closing down players. Bilton didn’t like the constant annoyance, Georgia Eversden managed to hassle Bilton’s  best player and she did not like this! Maria Timms, Sarah Costa, Abbie Bourton, Niamh Purnell and Ellie Cumberbatch worked well as a midfield/attack unit with the support of Kacie Morby, Olivia Constable, Lana Wilson-Shurbbs and Ana Lovett in defence. Poppy Lummis saved some great shots on target from Bilton and worked well with the defensive unit to organise and control them. However, Bilton managed to squeeze through the tight defence and after a few minutes scored a goal! 1-0 to Bilton. Not the start that Southam wanted but they had to deal with it and move on, straight from the kick Maria and Sarah pushed through the Bilton defence, Maria managed to get past 1 then 2 then 3 defenders and then…GOAL! 1-1 Southam. Southam’s confidence was growing and the team were starting to work together. Maria began to pick up the pace and with the support of Abbie on the wing and Sarah just behind she managed another goal! 2-1 Southam. Ellie and Niamh were doing a great job of moving the ball up the pitch and assisting the forwards with some great passes through the defence! Sarah suddenly injected some pace and shook the Bilton defence, round a few players and a whopper of a shot that surprised the goal keeper! 3-1 to Southam! At half time, Southam were feeling pretty confident with how they were playing but Bilton didn’t look like they were going to give up.

Second half started – Southam were quick to the ball and Georgia continued to do a great job hassling the Bilton players, Niamh and Ellie stuck close to their attack and continued to push the ball forward. Kacie dropped further back in defence with Olivia, Lana and Ana to help organise the line and ensure Bilton didn’t push through. Bilton managed again to squeeze through and after a long ball their striker finished by scoring. 3-2 to Southam. Southam didn’t like this and very quickly Maria, Sarah and Abbie with the support of the rest of the team moved quickly forward…a line pass to Abbie on the wing enabled her to cross it in to Maria who fired the shot at the goal! 4-2 to Southam. Southam were on a roll and Maria wanted another goal…great teamwork enabled her to get through the defence and with everyone’s support she managed another goal! 5-2!! The team were finally finding their feet and showing their true style. Bilton did have some good players though and within a few minutes managed again to creep through the defence and get another goal…5-3. Although Southam were disappointed it had gone in they were still working well as a team. They wanted to finish the match on a high. After passing the ball through the team at pace, working together to manipulate the Bilton players Sarah stole the ball and sent the ball flying right into the top corner of the net! An absolutely amazing shot and great finish to the game! 2 minutes later the final whistle blew, final score 6-3 to Southam.

The team played brilliantly and worked well as a team. They will have either Avon Valley or St Thomas More after their semi-final match. Thank you to Mr Ginger for supporting the team throughout the training and matches. Thank you to Mr Ottaway for refereeing and thank you to Will Eadon and Finn Purnell for doing the lines.

Great match! Well done – Miss MacLachlan

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