Year 8 Netball Match

On the 21st of March, the Green Team played a friendly match against Princethorpe. Even though we were down four players, so were only left with a team of seven, I believe we played very well and I’m very proud of the perseverance of all my team-mates.

In the match the positions stood as: Charlotte Wain-GS/WA. Alex Lyle-GA/GS/WA, Ellie Cumberbatch-WA/GA, Issie Fairhurst-C, Katy Black-WD/GD/GK, Olivia Constable-GD/GK and Rose Hill-GK/WD. We knew Princethorpe were going to be a tough team, but we didn’t let that bother us. My team played strong throughout, and our heads never dipped when Princethorpe took our centre passes and intercepted the ball.

By the end of the first quarter the score was 5-2 to Princethorpe. We ignored the score and just remembered to play our own game, and we were playing very well. By the end of the second quarter the score stood 10-4 to Princethorpe. We were dipping behind in goals but yet again we still fought for the ball in the third quarter. By the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 13-5 to Princethorpe. We started to realise they were a really strong team but still wanted to show them what we had so went out into the final quarter with our heads high and netball ready minds. By the final whistle, we had unfortunately lost 19-7 to Princethorpe but we did not walk away defeated.

I am very proud of the team and their performance throughout the match. Great defending was seen by Olivia Constable, Katy Black and Rose Hill. Also, great attacking and shooting was seen by Issie Fairhurst, Ellie Cumberbatch, Charlotte Wain and Alex Lyle.

Looking forward to our league night this coming Thursday, it’s our time to shine Southam!

Written by Alex Lyle, Green Team Netball Captain.

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