Year 8 Netball League Night

On the 30th of March, my team and I played our final league night of the season. It has been a very successful netball season this year, coming 3rd overall at PGL and winning every league match when we played against other competitive schools. I am very proud of my team, and how far we have come this year!
Our first match was against Myton. We knew we could beat them if we were to try our best, and went in strong as a team. The final outcome of the match was 8-0. A great win for the start of our evening.
Our second match was against Kingsley. Unfortunately by the end of the first half, they were up one from us but we didn’t let that stop us and we fought back. The final score, 4-4. A great draw with a difficult team.
Our final league match was against Kenilworth. We hadn’t played this team before, so did not know what we were up against. We were able to stay strong throughout the match, and came out winning 8-4. A great final score for us all! That concluded our league night, and we found out that we came joint first with Kingsley because we had won every match apart from one which we drew. A great moment for us all!
For fun, at the end we played a friendly against our Year 9 Southam team. It was a bunch of laughs and fun, but also very tiring. We got the chance to mix up positions and that was very surprising to us all.
I believe we all had a great night, and were so happy to come out
having won our league.
Thank you to my team for your effort you have put in this season. I
can’t wait to do it all again next year!
Alex Lyle, Captain.

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