Year 8 Germany Trip – Cologne

On the last day of the Year 8 Germany trip students explored the Roman city of Cologne visiting the cathedral, some even challenged themselves and climbed the 533 steps  to the tower and were rewarded with stunning views. In the hustle and bustle of this paradise for shoppers Y 8 again conducted themselves brilliantly. Emily Lovett, Niamh Purnell and Lucy Allen amongst others were spotted practising their language skills whilst buying food and souvenirs. After a picnic by the river and a leisurely walk to the chocolate factory students were amazed by the size of chocolate fountains, Lindt bunnies and Milka chocolate cows. Teniel Sullivan, Ben Middleton, Charlie Knight, Reece Nason and Ollie Stuart enjoyed the interactive games whilst Jack Trundley was looking for the Oompa Loompas…A great day finished with Miss Williams teaching the Y8’s a step or two on the dance floor in the disco. Gute Nacht und gute Heimreise!

One thought on “Year 8 Germany Trip – Cologne”

  1. Thank you to all the teachers and coach drivers for making this trip such a memorable experience. I have had a daily update from ollie who has had a great time. Have a safe trip home.


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