Year 9 Rugby

Southam V Fairfax

Year 9’s secure a good 22-12 win against a competitive Fairfax side.

The Year 9 Rugby team started very well, dominating at the breakdown and scoring early. Our forwards bossed the scrum and turned the ball over time and time again. Any attacks from Fairfax were stopped by some solid tackling, and the effervescent James Phillips didn’t give their backs any time pushing the opposition back almost on his own at times. Any territory Fairfax did gain was lost with some effective kicking from Tom Hill, who used the conditions and the hill to his advantage, and excellent chases from Charlie Knight.

Fairfax came into it in the second half as we began to tire and their backs started to get some more space. With the game in the balance, some extra energy and power from our ‘bench’ helped to wrestle the initiative back A surging solo run from Aiden Faires powered over and a second from Joe Cummings made the game safe. The final score was 22-12, and the performance bodes well for future games.
Man of the Match – James Phillips

Mr MacGibbon, Head of Year 10

thumbnail_Yr 9.jpg

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