Year 9 VARSITY Netball Match

Southam v Bilton
On Thursday 5th the year 9 netball team played Bilton in the first netball fixture of the year. The team consisted of Katy Black (GK), Olivia Constable (GD), Charley Furey (WD), Sarah Costa(C), Issie Fairhurst (WA), Ellie Cumberbatch (GA), Alex Lyle (GS), Rose Hill (GK) and Charlotte Wain (GS). It was a good starting season match as we took away a win, 31-3.
Consistent play was seen throughout the match with great defending, attacking and shooting from all members of the team. In the first quarter the score stood at 10-0, a really strong start to the match. By half time the score stood at 20-1, a consistent performance only allowing one goal from our opponents. Even though the third quarter was not our best play, the score still stood strongly at 24-2. By the end whistle, Southam were able to take away a fab win of 31-3!
Even though we hadn’t played together since last season, it definitely didn’t seem like it! There was a strong performance from all areas of the netball court, with all of us cheering each other on throughout. It was nice to be back together after such a successful season last year! Let’s hope for an incredible season this year with such a friendly, supportive and funny team.
By Alex Lyle.

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