Year 9 Netball Match

The year 9 netball team last night headed to Princethorpe for a friendly match. The year 9’s started off slowly whilst Princethorpe took an early lead. However, outstanding defence from Olivia Constable, Katy Black and Rose Hill meant that Southam turned over the ball regularly. Issie Fairhurst played amazing at WA working well with Bo Crump in C to work the ball into the attacking circle where Ellie Cumberbatch, Alex Lyle and Charlotte Wain shot the ball. Although the first quarter started with a loss 9-1, the second quarter Southam picked it back up and only lost 7-4. By the third quarter Southam were in their stride and won it 6-4. In the last quarter Princethorpe picked up their game again and we lost it 2-1. An overall loss of 23-12, with some great positives to take away and some things to work on in training. Well done to the whole team!

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