TOWN CHAMPS 2018 (years 9 & 10) 

Yesterday teams from years 9 and 10 competed in the Central Warwickshire Athletics at Edmonscote. Outstanding performances from Izzy Alexander in the discus who won, Rositsa Gugutkova won her 1500m race, Georgia Eversden won her 800m with a time of 2:34 and Sarah Costa came 2nd in both her long jump and javelin events. Owen De Souza came 2nd in his 800m race, Oscar Wall came 3rd in the 100m race and Mackenzie Spillman-Penn came 3rd in the shot put.

Overall a great day out with lots of success! The greatest achievement of them all was the year 9 girls team winning the whole competition for their year group! Well done to everyone who took part.

Miss MacLachlan, Mr MacGibbon, Mr Ginger and Miss Chadwick


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