Year 10 Netball

The year 10 netball team headed to NLS to play their second league night. The team consisting of: Jess W (C), Molly S, Esha S, Emily L, Ana L, Alex M and Ava C had tough competition from Myton this evening. After a promising start to the league a few weeks ago, the team were confident in their ability.

In the first half Myton took an early lead with Southam struggling to intercept crucial passes. However, consistent pressure from Molly S and Jess W meant Southam began to turn over more balls. Emily and Ana worked well getting the ball into the attacking circle to Alex and Ava who grew in confidence with every passing minute.

At half time the team regrouped, knowing they needed to play their own pace and drive into space. Southam started off strong and soon were extremely close to catching Myton! Unfortunately, the whistle blew and Southam finished the game 12-6. Positives to take from the game: Southam worked well as a team, confidence in their abilities is growing, they beat Myton in the second half and they are beginning to play some excellent netball.

Huge well done to Emily L for making the team of the week as WA, but a great team effort from all!

One more league night to go, with 2 wins and 2 losses, Southam are still in the running for the top place!

Miss MacLachlan

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 09.38.26.png

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