Year 10 Netball Tournament 

Tonight the year 10s went to Kingsley for their tournament to finalise their matches for the season. The team consisting of; Ana L, Emily L, Ava C, Amy D, Alex M, Ruby T, Jess W, Alexandra Z, Esha S and Olivia C had 5 matches before the final results!
The first game against Campion was tough, the opposition started strong and with shooters who rarely missed they took an early lead. At half time the team regrouped and settled into their own netball. Focusing on moving forward for the ball the team slowed down the score from Campion but finished with a loss.
The second game against Kingsley 1 was again a tough one, the opposition had skill and finesse but Southam played as a team, working together to pass the ball down the court. After a tough first half the team rattled Kingsley and managed to finish the second half only 3-1 down.
The third and fourth games against Myton 2 and Kingsley 2 are where Southam came into their own. Both very close matches with lots of end to end play. Ana L, Amy D, Emily L and Esha S had outstanding play in centre court and with the support of Jess W, Ruby T and Olivia C in defence the team intercepted and challenged both oppositions to get the ball into Ava C, Alex M and Alexandra Z. Overall two wins!
The final game against Myton 1 was again a difficult one, however off the back of two wins the team played well and gave them a very exciting match! Unfortunately Myton pulled away towards the end but overall, great performance!
The team finished 3rd out of 6 teams, an amazing tournament and evening of netball. I’m very proud of the whole team for their performance! Thank you to Alex L for umpiring and supporting the team for the whole evening.
A great end to an enjoyable season.
Miss MacLachlan

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