Year 10 Netball

Southam v Bloxham
A tough opposition this evening, Southam however, started off extremely strong. Amazing shooting from E.Cumberbatch, with some excellent work bringing the ball up the court from I.Fairhurst, S.Costa and B.Crump. K.Black had an outstanding first half at GD/GK, this was the best I’d seen her play – brilliant marking of the attack and intercepting the ball regularly!
S.Costa read the game well and consistently pressured the C of Bloxham, forcing errors from the opposition. A.Lyle came on and continued the shooting success from quarter 1 as Southam looked to be in control of the game.
O.Constable and R.Hill pressured the attack with C.Furey jumping to outstanding heights as WD to block feeds into the circle. C.Wain had some lovely movements in the circle as she teamed up with A.Lyle and E.Cumberbatch.
As third quarter hit, Southam began to tire and Bloxham started to show more consistent play. Unfortunately for the girls, we gave away possession with simple mistakes and Bloxham used this to capitalise their goal difference.
A tough match with lots of positives and a few things to improve. Final score 28-17. Well done to the whole team, looking forward to representing Southam at the County Tournament at the end of Feb!
Miss MacLachlan
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 06.55.50

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