Year 10 Netball

Year 10 Bloxham Rematch!

This evening the year 10 netball team hosted Bloxham for their rematch after a loss a few weeks ago. The team were told to relax, focus on enjoying the game and fight for every ball in every quarter. 

Going into the first quarter, both teams started strong. K.Black and O.Constable worked hard in defence to pressure the Bloxham attack whilst B.Crump, S.Costa and I.Fairhurst bought the ball nicely into the attack, where E.Cumberbatch and A.Lyle were waiting. After a good start, the weather started to get the better of the shooters, however, every player continued to work and pressured to get the ball back. Bloxham led 5-2, Southam needed to pull back some goals in the next quarter.

L.Tidmas and C.Wain came on and injected some pace into attack with C.Wain working brilliantly alongside E.Cumberbatch in the shooting circle. Another great effort in defence meant the second quarter finished 7-7!

Into the third quarter, R.Hill and C.Furey came on in defence and worked well bringing the ball up the court. However, Southam started to lack pace and were tiring with players not moving forward for the ball. This meant loss of possession and lots of Bloxham turnovers. The score suddenly changed to 13-8.

Southam needed to change their tactics and get back into the game. They were told to put everything they had into the last quarter and never stop pressuring for the ball.

Instantly, Southam took control of the game. C.Wain and A.Lyle dominated in attack whilst O.Constable maintained control in defence, talking to the other Southam players. The support from the subs on the bench kept Southam going and they really pulled together as the game drew closer. Into the last 3 minutes the score was 16-16. It was extremely close and Southam had to do everything possible to fight for the ball. For the rest of the game as the time ticked on, Southam defended their hearts out and Bloxham began to crumble under the pressure, time still kept going and Bloxham still had possession! Southam pushed right till the end and managed to maintain the draw! 16-16 final score!

A very exciting and turbulent game, with plenty of ups and downs. However, throughout the whole game the team kept pushing and continued to work with each other. I was so proud of the team and extremely impressed to watch such a good standard of netball.

Well done to A.Lyle for receiving player of the match from the opposition and to C.Wain for my player of the match.

Thank you for playing like I know you all can!

Miss MacLachlan

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