Year 10 Netball

Last league game of Year 10
The team consisting of B.Crump (C), I.Fairhurst, C.Furey, L.Tidmas, A.Lyle, C.Wain, E.Cumberbatch, O.Constable, K.Black and R.Hill went to Kings High for their last league game of the year.
Having had a good season so far with lots of positives, the team felt excited going into this game against a strong opposition. The first quarter started well with O.Constable and K.Black working extremely well in defence, with C.Furey and I.Fairhurst supporting to get the ball into the Southam attack. Kings High, however, kept pushing and managed to intercept a lot of passes, leaving the score 7-3 to Kings High.
Southam kept pushing and in the second quarter both teams excelled, making this a very close quarter. L.Tidmas and E.Cumberbatch came on to help in attack and R.Hill played brilliantly against the new Kings High shooter. Southam defended as a whole team and managed to keep the quarter score to 4-2 to Kings High, leaving the overall score at 11-5.
In the third quarter A.Lyle and C.Wain dominated in attack and showed their impressive skills as Southam began to take the lead in the quarter. An exceptional performance from K.Black in defence helped Southam keep possession and pressure the ball forward. Lovely play from I.Fairhurst at centre, using her endurance to keep running and intercepting the passes from Kings High. At the end of the quarter Southam had won the quarter 6-3 and had closed the overall gap to 14-11.
In the fourth quarter Kings High upped the intensity and Southam were taken by surprise. After a few minutes, Southam regained control and began to work better as a team. The team defended together as a unit, pressured the ball in attack and worked hard to intercept as the game went into its final few minutes. The overall score didn’t reflect the game and effort that Southam put in. The whole team worked tirelessly through every quarter right until the final whistle. Final score: 22-14 to Kings High.
A very positive match leading up to the PGL tour next weekend.
Well done to everyone who played.
Miss MacLachlan

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