Yr 10 Cricket Team – 6 a side tournament

The summer season kicked off this afternoon with the Yr 10 6 a side Cricket tournament at Myton, and true to form it was played in a chilly drizzle!

We first played Myton, and although our batsmen played some good shots, Myton always seems to have a fielder in the right place at the right time, this accompanied by some quality bowling kept our total within easy reach for the Myton batsmen.

Our second game against Campion was almost an exact reversal. This time it was our fielders making the catches and bowlers taking the wickets, and when it came to chasing down a target score, our opening duo of Tristan M. and Charlie P. took just 7 balls, finishing with a cheeky ‘Dilshan’ shot over the head of their wicketkeeper.

Well done to all the boys and in particular the Yr 9 boys who helped out. We have a series of matches planned for after half-term, and practice is on Mondays. Hope to see you there.

Mr MacGibbon

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