NETBALL _ Super Silver for Year 11s 

Having never been to Condover Hall the team were extremely excited about the weekend ahead. After a few netball activities and a laser quest on the Friday evening, coupled with some abseiling and leap of faith on the Saturday morning, we were prepped and ready for an afternoon of netball.
The first match against a french team called Meinier was tough, with the Southam clinching the win 6-5. Going into the second game the team played Future Print who just stole the lead in the final few minutes 8-5. The third match was against The Royal School and Southam played brilliantly, constantly intercepting and executing their shots consistently, final score was 9-4. In the last match of the day the team had Galaxy they made us work hard but we got the lead and won 9-6.
After a positive day, Southam were third in the table and hoping for a place in the top 4 to gain a semi-final place. After an evening at the silent disco the girls settled down for some well earned rest before some big matches on Sunday.
Sunday morning started early with our first match against Swan. They had finished bottom of the table from Saturday so we knew we could beat them, however, it took us a while to wake up and Swan were capitalising on our missed opportunities down the court and pressuring well in defence. At half time we were up 3-2 and needed to mix things up to ensure we would win. As a team, the girls started to work together and we eventually won 9-4. The next game against Newport started off as we finished with Swan and we won 10-6.
Going into our final match of the round robin before the semi-finals were had to play Lincroft who had looked extremely strong throughout the weekend, we knew we just had to enjoy it and play our own game. We started off with an interception on their centre pass and this set the tone for the whole match! Every single person on the team worked for each other and it was such a joy to watch! Alex and Charlotte were both shooting exceptionally well, never missing. The balls into the attack from Sarah and Ellie were accurate and direct and our defence consisting of Issie, Olivia, Katy and Rose pressured the ball and took an incredible amount of interceptions, the girls had just enjoyed their netball and this meant we ended up winning 12-4!! We had made it to the semi-finals!
In the semi-final we met Future Print again, who we had previously lost to. The girls knew this could be their last ever match as a team on a netball trip so they wanted to go out on the court and leave everything there. They were so excited and proud of how they’d just played that they knew they were in with a fighting chance of winning the next match! As the first whistle went we were on fire for the whole 12 minutes. It really was netball at its finest for the team, they worked together, for each other and this paid off in attack and throughout the court. The team won 6-2 with Future Print scoring no goals in the first half! We were BUZZING! We had made the FINAL and we were guaranteed 2nd place, making it further than we’d ever anticipated!!!
Going into the final match we had to play Lincroft again. They moved a few positions around and changed their tactics. From the start of the match we were neck and neck with both teams scoring goal for goal. When we missed, they scored and when they missed we capitalised and pressured to ensure we scored. We tracked every ball both in attack and defence. We drove forward into space, we communicated effectively and the girls played the best netball I’ve ever seen them play. As the final whistle blew the score stood at 8-7 to Lincroft. It was a fantastically matched final that truly was exceptional to watch. Southam were proud of themselves for their efforts and the rest of our teams were cheering and clapping, supporting the year 11s, who were so happy with their performance!
Going up for the silver medal the team, captained by Katy, looked so proud. They really had shown the most dedication and commitment to every game I could ever of asked for. Every player listened to feedback, kept their spirits high and continuously worked hard for the ball. This was such an enjoyable tournament to be a part of. I am forever proud of this team and all that they do on and off the court. It has been an absolute pleasure being your coach and watching you grow as players and individuals and I am so thankful that I got to be part of your journey.
Well done to Sarah Costa who fully deserved player of the tournament.
Thank you! You are all AWESOME!
Miss MacLachlan

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