Year 11 maintain their top form! 

On Thursday the year 11 netballers went to Kings High for a league match. We started extremely strong and maintained the lead from the beginning. O.Constable and K.Black stepped in as the GA position throughout the match and both played brilliantly. C.Wain was a consistently outstanding shooter (as she says is!) and the ball flowed nicely up the court. C.Furey had a fantastic game at WD, pressuring the opposition WA and ensuring that she slowed down the pace of their game play. B.Crump played a lovely WA and fed some great feeds into both C.Wain, O.Constable and K.Black. I.Fairhurst shone at C and was dominant in every third of the court, both intercepting key passes and bringing the ball through to our attack. R.Hill, K.Black and O.Constable all performed as a unit in defence and worked hard to get the ball out into attack.
As a team, the girls worked hard in every quarter, most specifically in the latter stages of the match where they pulled away from Kings High. Consistent pressure and outstanding teamwork meant we came away with a 23-12 win! Well done to C.Wain who received the opposition player of the match.
A well deserved win, leading on from the success at Condover last weekend. Well done!
Miss MacLachlan
Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 09.15.45.png

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