French/German/Spanish Listening PPEs

Please note that the Listening PPEs are done during MFL lessons and are not on the official PPE schedule.  They will be done at the following times and students should go to their usual classrooms:
11A/Sh1 (JO): Wednesday 13th November period 4
11A/Sh2 (MG): Tuesday 3rd December period 1
11B/Sh1 (BR): Thursday 28th November period 3 
11B/Gm1 (DI): Thursday 28th November period 3 
11B/Gm2 (BP): Thursday 28th November period 3
11C/Fr1 (GN): Wednesday 13th November period 5
11D/Fr1 (GN): Friday 15th November period 4
Revision for the Listening PPE should be focused on learning the vocabulary in the Student Guides from Theme 1, 2 and 3.
Mrs Bishop

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