Year 11 finish in style

The year 11 Netball team had their last match against Shottery. The team who have been together since year 7 were both excited and nervous heading into the first quarter. We started slow, and Shottery gambled on some of our mistakes taking an early lead of 9-3 in the first quarter.
Heading into the second quarter, Southam settled and began to work better as a team. Olivia C bought the ball down court and fed beautifully into Issie F and Ellie C. There was some excellent feeds and teamwork between Bo C and Charlotte W and this meant Southam could start to close the gap. Katy B worked tirelessly in defence and this made a huge difference on the score line for Shottery.
Into the third quarter and Southam were down by 6 but had capitalised on mistakes from Shottery. Rose H and Olivia C picked up the pace in defence and we managed to get more successful turnovers. Charlotte W and Ellie C also increased the amount of goals and leading into the last quarter Southam were 18-13 down.
The fourth quarter is where Southam controller the game, it was extremely exciting to watch and the team worked superb together, never giving up! Charley F and Issie F had a lovely partnership as both wing players and this meant the ball was moved up the court effortlessly. The whole team worked hard and at one point managed to get within 1 goal of Shottery. As the final whistle blew the final score stood at 24-21 to Shottery.
A match of two halves where Southam showed grit and resilience to push right until the final whistle! As always, I am extremely proud of all of the team and how well they conducted themselves and played. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach the team for 5 years. You are all amazing!
Well done and thank you.
Miss MacLachlan
Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 13.47.03.png

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