Year 11s narrowly miss out on the win! 

The year 11s played Aylesford last night in a netball match. The team started brilliantly, really working hard to pressure Aylesford and intercept passes. After some lovely play down the court we started to score goals. Aylesford kept close on our heels and both teams were scoring on their own centre passes.
Lucy T had a fantastic game at centre, controlling not only the pace of the game but the flow of passing down the court. Emily L worked hard in both the GA and WA positions and managed to create lovely space in the shooting circle. Alex M has made a noticeable improvement and was able to create opportunities in the circle so that our goal line kept improving. Ana L continued throughout the match to pressure passes and channelled the ball down into the shooting circle. Jess W and Molly S has a fantastic match in defence and consistently intercepted the ball. Esha S worked hard at WD and supported the defenders in intercepting the passes from Aylesford and Alexandra Z continuously ran for the ball in both WA and GA positions working well with the attack bringing the ball down the court.
Leading into the final quarter the score line was 5-5. Although the team played really well together, Aylesford capitalised on their interceptions and the final score finished 9-6 to Aylesford.
Overall the team played amazing together, each individual player had their role in the team and every player worked extremely hard for each other.
Well done girls! Miss MacLachlan

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