Conflict and Upheaval, 1337 – 1381

7th February

Year 11 GCSE History students – today’s revision resources cover the Black Death and the Peasants’ Revolt.  There are a range of activties and info overviews that wil lsupport both your skills and content revision.  You can link this to the Conflict and Upheaval revision guide you have been given and the videos about exam structure on the Southam College History Department YouTube channel.  Happy History revision!

The impact of the Black Death and the Peasants

Peasants’ Revolt content overview

Interpretations of the Peasants Revolt activity

Interpretations of the Black Death activity

Friends and family quiz, the Peasants’ Revolt

Friends and family quiz, Black Death

Black Death content overview

Black Death – overview activity


6th February 2020

Year 11 GCSE History students – today’s revision documents focus on the Hundred Years’ War.  They cover a range of activities, for example a ‘guided reading’ task and a ‘friends and family quiz’ to test your knowledge recall.  You can also use the info sheets to create your own revision resources (think about the ‘describe it – explain it – evaluate it’ approach).  Happy History revision!

Causes of the Hundred Years War, guided reading revision

Edward III and the Hundred Years War, info overview and activities

Events of the Hundred Years War, info and dual coding revision

Friends and family quiz, Hundred Years’ War

Story so far, part 1, Causes of the 100years war

Story so far, part 2, Events in the 100 Years War


4th February 2020

Year 11 GCSE History students – Today we are starting our next round of ‘Resource a Day’ where we will regularly upload a range of revision resources to the Year 11 Blog.  This week we are concentrating on the ‘Conflict and Upheaval’ unit – today’s resources include an overview of general life in Medieval England, plus three resources you can use to test yourself on key content.  Happy History revision!

Conflict and Upheaval, key terms quilt

Conflict and upheaval, whole unit, quiz generator

General life in Medieval England – info sheets

Key words glossary and revision activity