Crime and Punishment, 500 – present day

7th November 2019

Year 11 GCSE History students – today’s documents will help with overview revision of the whole Crime and Punishment unit.  The revision mat gives you a range of ideas for activities to complete and the key terms quilt and key words list will help with categorising subject specific terminology into key themes and time periods.  See how far you can get with completing the narrtive overview grid – this will really help with planning for Q5 in the exam.  Use it to audit any gaps in knoweldge you may have, before revising these and trying the sheet again.  Happy History revision!

Crime and Punishment key terms quilt, by theme and time period

Crime and Punishment key words

Q5 narrative – overview grid

Revision activity mat 

6th November 2019

Year 11 GCSE History students – today’s revision resources concentrate on the theme of ‘punishment’ for the Crime and Punishment unit.  You could use the overview information to complete the suggested revision activities on the sheet and then test yourself using the ‘friends and family’ quiz.  Don’t forget to keep recapping the info from previous resources, too.  Happy History revision!

Friends and family quiz, PUNISHMENT

Punishment in the Medieval period, overview info

Punishment overview, Early modern to Modern period

5th November 2019

Year 11 GCSE History students – the resources being uploaded today cover the theme of policing (enforcing law and order) across all time periods.  You could use the info sheet along side your own notes to complete the overview grid, and then ask someone to test you with the ‘friends and family’ quiz.  Happy History revision!

4th November 2019

Year 11 GCSE History revision – today we are starting the ‘resource a day’ scheme to help support your independent revision ahead of the upcoming PPEs in November.  Today we are publishing overview info documents about crime across, plus a ‘friends and family quiz’ that will help check your content knowledge.  Check back each day to see what else we add across the fortnight…  Happy History revision!

Causes and types of crime over time, review grid

Crime across all time periods, overview info

Crime and Punishment key words

Friends and family quiz, CRIME