Germany in Transition, 1919 – 1939

13th February

Year 11 GCSE History students – today’s resources are an overview for the Weimar Government section of the unit and a ‘Can you still’ content checker to test your memory of key content.  Use these alongside your revision guide and your own textbook.  Happy History revision!

Can you still… content checkers

Weimar Germany

12th February 2020

Year 11 GCSE History students – today we are uploading revision activities to help with your overview understanding of the Weimar Government and the rise / consolidation of Hitler’s power.  The resources are called ‘story so far’ sheets – you need to complete as much as you can from memory, then use your other resources to check / add to the grids as you need to (use different colours to show the difference).  You could always come back to this activity at a later date and see how much more you can remember than the first time you tried it, and once they are complete friends and family can use them to test you.  Happy History revision!

Story so far, part 1, Weimar Government

Story so far, part 2, Nazi rise to power

Story so far, part 3, consolidation of power

11th February 2020

Year 11 GCSE History students – today we are adding revision documents to the Germany in Transition tab.  These give you an overview of the Weimar Government and Hitler’s rise to power – key topics to revise for the upcoming PPE.  Use these in conjunction with your department revision guide and the ‘info to exam question’ booklet you have been given in lessons.  Happy History revision!

dates labels

Friends and family quiz, Weimar Government and rise of Nazis

Nazi Germany quiz generator, Weimar Government AND rise of Hitler

Rise of Hitler and consolidation of power, revision information

Rise of Hitler summary circles

Rise of Hitler, key chronology

Rise to power, summary grid