Y7 House Quiz

1st – Shakespeare- Team #Be like Bill- Josh Farrell, Thomas Mills, Ryan Taylor, Georgia Eversden- 36 points

Joint 2nd- Godiva- The Godiva survivors- Oliver Railer, Daniel Voice, Jay Hilton, Angus Keither,George Capers- 35 points

Godiva- The Quality Street- Morgan Usher, Jennie French, Charlotte Wain, Alex McKie, Charley Furey 35 points

Shakespeare- Shakespeare superstars- Emily Evans, Kirsty Taylor, Ben Middleton, Maisier Morrison,
Lauren Bradley 35 points

3rd- Godiva- Blue Smarties- Molly Sharp, Ellie Cumberbatch, Niamh Purnell, Katie Shillito, Lucy Browne

4th- Shakespeare- OSORJ- Owen De Suza, Jess Woods, Ollie Upton, Daniel Smyth, Rosie Russell

A fantastic final House Quiz today with year 7 students at lunchtime. Lots of students came along and participated. Godiva and Shakespeare were dominating the top scores today, fighting for those HAPS! The Heads of House were impressed by all students. What a brilliant end to the House Quiz rounds for this year. Thank you to all those students and staff who have got involved! We have really enjoyed spending time with the students, seeing so many of you attend and show your dedication to your House. Look out for the updated HAPS totals coming soon!


A super House Quiz team! Enjoyed it!

Year 7 Netball

Last night the Year 7 netball team played Kings High A and B teams in a school games tournament. After eventually finding the courts the team started strong against the B team, staying tight on in defence and intercepting pass after pass! Olivia Constable, Rose Hill and Katy Black all had an amazing game in defence, with the support of Charley Furey, Issie Fairhurst, Sarah Costa and Bo Crump in centre court. Play opened up and Ellie Cumberbatch, Charlotte Wain and Alex Lyle all found space and worked well to score 3 goals. The final score finished 3-3, a positive score against tough opposition. The A team then played Southam and we started off strong, positive from the previous match. Although a stronger opposition, Southam managed to maintain possession and intercept regular passes. Southam struggled to work the ball into the attack as Kings High stepped up the defence. Although the score finished 8-0 to Kings High, Southam never gave up and kept working slowing down the Kings High attack – well done girls! Bo Crump ended up the teams players player, although a huge team effort!

Well played all, Miss MacLachlan

Well Done Alice

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been using Accelerated Reader to demonstrate their reading progress. Many children have increased their reading ages by more than a year, just in the months since September. We recommend reading for at least twenty minutes a day to ensure steady and sustained progress.
Pictured with Mr Samra and Mrs Bretherton is Alice, 7WE1 who has added a whole year to her reading age since she came to Southam College last term.
Well done Alice!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.15.18.png