Dance Production Dress Rehearsals

All students who are involved in the dance production there are two dress rehearsals –

Wednesday 1st December 2015 – Periods 3,4 & 5
Monday 7th December 2015 – Periods 3, 4 & 5 Primary school performance.

Please come down to the gym during break so we can get started as soon as possible period 3. If you require lunch from canteen get this at break time. You will need your costumes and music if you have not yet handed this into Mr MacGibbon already. Please Mr Franzoni if you have any questions.

Lower School House Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 24th November 2015 students from Year 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Lower School house Swimming Gala.
The atmosphere was fabulous all morning with students cheering and encouraging their fellow members of their house, the team comrade and support was so wonderful to see and just reinforced what fantastic students we do have at Southam College. The support from the Southam College staff, the P.E Department and some of Sixth Form House Captains helped and encouraged the students taking part to put in even more effort to gain those points needed to be winners. Erin Riden, Laura Woods, Charlie Sheehy, Lauren Baker, Kirah Barnes, Katherine Ibbs, Megan Stanton, Megan Browne and Rhys James from Year 10 were all fantastic Sports Leaders; they encouraged, supported and helped the students involved and they assisted with the time keeping which helped the Gala to run smoothly and successfully.
The competition throughout all Year groups was outstanding with some brilliant Individual performances. This included two new individual records broken by Erin Jones in Year 7 and the Year 7 Girls Webb Ellis Relay Team broke the Team Record for the 4x 50m Freestyle Relay. This demonstrated the excellent talent of the swimming. Well done to all students who took part and earned every little point for their house you should all be very proud of your achievements.
Thank you to Heads of House, Mr Southall, Mrs Herbage, Miss Machlachlan, Miss Warman, Mr Rose, Miss Leng, Mr Ottaway, Georgia Bishop and all the Year 10 Leaders for your support and helping the event to run successfully.
You are all fabulous! Miss Evans

View swimming gala results


Year 7 Rugby

Spot the Difference!
Southam 5 Lawrence Sheriff 20
This was wonderful match in winter sunshine between two well matched teams. Southam dominated possession and territory but Sheriff took their chances to make the difference.
There is almost no discernible difference between twins Joe and Max Washbrooke. There is little difference in their play. Both are fast, intelligent players with strong tackling ability. Debutant Max was awarded Man of the Match, whilst Joe used his pace to grab Southam’s try.
Good body positions by the forwards gave Southam the technical edge at the ruck and maul with Josh Lee, Josh Poulton, Joe Cummins and Pat Fitzgerald to the fore. However, Southam could have made the difference if they had spread the ball wide rather than continually taking the ball into contact against physically strong opponents.
Giaan Ray is starting to make a difference. His excellent tackling stopped many Sheriff attacks and grabbed him Tackle of the Match.
More ball for the backs would surely have brought victory with Tom Hill, James Phillips, Ben Robinson, Lennie Cramp and the Washbrooke twins all looking dangerous.
The warm hospitality, hot drinks and hotdogs from Sheriff certainly made the difference on such a cold morning. Kieran Caruana certainly agreed, our diminutive scrum Half devouring two massive sausages!