The Philosophy and Ethics department welcomed Harbury and Bishops Itchington schools today.

Students completed some outstanding work and had a great time on The Island. We look forward to seeing you in September.

The P.I Team

Harbury Primary School
Harbury Primary School
Bishops Itchington Primary School
Bishops Itchington Primary School

Year 8 E-Mentors

Southam College is pleased to introduce our new team of Year 8 E-Mentors. They will be proudly answering questions from our new Year 6 intake. To ask a question simply click on the question mark on the left of the screen.

House Achievement Points

What are HAPs?

Students can gain House Achievement Points in a number of ways including effort in lessons, sport, charity events, reading competition, full attendance, examination results, various department competitions, etc. Students can also gain house points if their uniform is consistently worn correctly. The efforts of individual students and groups of students in each house are recognised in an awards ceremony at the end of the Summer Term.

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Students can regularly earn a range of points for their effort in lessons:

Good= 3 points, Very Good = 4 points, Outstanding = 5 points.

A similar scale applies to the quality of class and homework relative to their ability level. Students can earn special points awards for a variety of reasons e.g. Student of the Month (25 points), Commitment to a Club (25 points) or a range of bespoke points awards.

Each term a range of award certificates will be presented

Diamond AwardTop points scorer in the whole school

Platinum AwardTop points scorer in the year group

Gold AwardIn the top 5% of points scorers in the year group

Silver AwardIn the top 10% of points scorers in the year group

Bronze AwardIn the top 25% of points scorers in the year group

Ruby AwardTop points scorer in the Tutor Group

Emerald AwardThis is the Improver’s Award and is given to 10% of the year group who have most significantly improved their position but have not gained a bronze award or above. Therefore, this award is only presented in the Spring and Summer Terms.