More Track and Field Success.

On Monday, the Year 9 and 10 athletes competed in their Town Championships in the hope of qualifying for the area team for the County Schools event taking place in Nuneaton on Saturday 8th June. 
Some excellent performances throughout the day saw the Southam individuals earn their spots in the team.
For the year 9 boys, Rhys B (300 and triple jump), Tom P (100, Long Jump and Relay), Ollie S (1500) and Austin T (800, Discus and shot).
Alongside them Owen managed to gain a spot in the  year 10 team for his efforts in the 400 and 100mH.
The girls had equal successes seeing Rosie D (800) and Holly Y (Shot) making the cut; alongside Maddie N (100 and relay) and Madeleine J (1500) also getting selected after entering the event as a guest due to them being a year younger.
Finally, the intermediate girls saw 7 girls get selected based on their performances or efforts throughout the season. Ellie C (200 and TJ), Sarah C (300), Issie (80mH and HJ), Georgia E (800), Emily L (1500), Rositsa (3000) and Alex L (Discus) all made the cut.
Well done everyone and good luck for the next round.
Mrs Turton and Mr MacGibbon



Yesterday the minor, junior and intermediate girls teams headed out to compete in Nuneaton against schools from across the county. 
The minor girls team consisting of I.Mur, S.Sanders, H.Freimanis and A.Griffiths-Standage started off brilliantly in the 80m sprint with all four students placing well, particularly I.Mur with an outstanding time of 11.0 seconds. Next to the long jump where I.Mur jumped 3m 71cm, H.Freimanis 3m 98cm, S.Sanders 3m 19cm and A.Griffiths-Standage 2m 98cm.  Having not done shot put before, the group were challenged with their next event but All of the students rose excellently to the challenge and exceeded their own expectations! In the final event of 600m, A.Griffiths-Standage stormed ahead and finished 1st in her heat, 3rd overall whilst the other 3 had very good times aswell. Overall the team finished 5th, a great start to their athletics season.
The junior girls had to compete in long jump, hurdles, high jump, shot put and 800m. T.Peacocke, M.Jacks and M.Quinney performed brilliantly in their hurdles event and continued this into the long jump. As they headed over to the high jump event, M.Jacks and T.Peacocke showed outstanding technique and skill as they pushed to the limit to finish in the top positions. M.Quinney started off the 800m races for Southam and wowed with her grit and determination, winning her heat by a clear gap. M.Jacks then did the same in her heat! Overall the team did brilliantly with some outstanding individual performances.
The intermediate girls team had already competed in events on Wednesday and had to finish their meet with long jump, javelin and 800m. The team consisting of I.Fairhurst, S.Costa and L.Levett had a strong start with their long jump, moving into the day, both I.Fairhurst and S.Costa had placed highly and were in contention for top ten positions. In the javelin all three girls excelled with S.Costa throwing over 18 metres! In the final event of the 2 day competition L.Levett started off the 800m strong in her heat and managed to finish 4th with an excellent sprint finish! S.Costa and I.Fairhurst both in the same heat, challenged each other right until the final sprint where they finished with exactly the same time of 2 minutes 57 seconds. Having completed their events we waited for the final results, special mention to I.Fairhurst who placed 2nd out of all of the intermediate girls over their 7 events! As a team, the girls, to their surprise took the gold medal and fully deserved it after their efforts over both days!
A great first athletics event for all of the students, an impressive start to the season with some great individual and team performances.
Well done, Miss MacLachlan